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Treasures of the Deutsches Museum

The best science Museum in Europe

smallplane.jpg (1275 bytes)Aeroplanes
Me163, Me262, FW190, home made escape plane !
smallengine.jpg (1250 bytes)Aeroengines
Big stuff from the 30's & 40's
smallslr.jpg (1013 bytes)Cars & Bikes
Auto Union Type C , Mercedes Benz W154, Mercedes Benz SLR300, NSU world record bike

smalljet.jpg (1017 bytes)Jets
Various jet engines, including burner arrangement closeups

smallrocket.jpg (1083 bytes)Rockets
Scary German WWII technology !
smallcasting.jpg (1077 bytes)Casting Technology
Some nice investment casts & some earlier technology.
smallmisc.jpg (1433 bytes)Miscellaneous
Used Soyuz re-entry capsule.
Two carefull owners !
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