Donau Ring

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These pictures were taken at the Donau Ring classic race organised by Audi in their home town of Ingolstadt. The event was run on the 4th & 5th of May 2002. The last Donau Ring was in 2000.

When I went to this event I lived in Germany, but if I were coming just for this then I'd get a hotel in Munich & go to Ingolstadt for the day. I'm sure its a nice town but like the Isle of Man, I don't think there's a great deal to do when the races aren't on.

On a technical note, these pictures were taken on a Panasonic GRDVL 100 digital video camera.


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dr2002-001.jpg (37626 bytes)

114 Gunther Lingelbach, 125cc Bultaco TSS, 1958

174 Manfred Schweiger, 600cc Silk-Scott, 1930

293 Manfred Schweiger, 600cc Scott TT, 1929

dr2002-003.jpg (35645 bytes)

114 I guess this is Herr Lingelbach !

dr2002-004.jpg (36625 bytes)

320 Dr. Gisbert Nierle, 500cc BMW R50, 1955

dr2002-005.jpg (36625 bytes)

Trumpet mouthed carb of the BMW R50.


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