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This aeroplane requires no introduction.

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Heavy cannon mounted at the front of the 262.

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Me163B Komet, a real widow maker. The rocket ( Walter HWK 109-509 liquid fuel motor) ran on Hydrogen peroxide (T stoff) & methyl alcohol, mixed with an organic compound called hydrazine hydrate (C stoff). Hydrogen peroxide reacts explosively with organic materials. Like pilots for example.


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Focke Wulf 190 D

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Focke Wulf 190 cockpit.

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A home built escape aircraft from the DDR.

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Motorcycle engine power.


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What a man does in his own attic is his own affair !

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Despite promising trials it was soon realised that a camper van provides insufficient lift & an entire aircraft would have to be built for the escape attempt.

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MZ shock absorbers. I wouldn’t ride a bike with these attached let alone trust my life to them.


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Daring twin pusher layout.I think the bike is an MZ ET305.


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The MZ engine is a detuned slug but it is reliable.