dm10.jpg (37626 bytes)

Single row radial.

dm11.jpg (37395 bytes)

V12 engine from Dornier DO-335.

dm12.jpg (35645 bytes)

Dornier DO-335 1944.


dm14.jpg (36625 bytes)

Opposed piston flat 12.


dm15.jpg (36625 bytes)


dm116.jpg (37626 bytes)

Junker Jumo 213 A. The ultimate level of German piston aeroengine development. This liquid cooled inverted V12 sports direct fuel injection and a two stage automatic supercharger with water/methanol injection, twin overhead cams & 4 valves per cylinder.

dm117.jpg (37395 bytes)

A pair of Focke Wulfs utilising the Jumo 213 A.

dm131.jpg (36625 bytes)

Some interesting con-rod arrangements.


dm132.jpg (36625 bytes)


dm133.jpg (37626 bytes)

The water cooled BMW V1 of 1927 was until the end of the 20’s the most powerfull German aeroengine. It has overhead cams, a dry sump & water/glycol cooling.680 hp @ 1700 rpm.

dm135.jpg (35645 bytes)

The Rolls Royce Merlin III. The first engine in a long development line of high performance aeroengines. This engine went on to power the Spitfire, Hurricane, Lightning, Mustang & Mosquito.


dm136.jpg (36625 bytes)

Cams & followers of the Merlin III.


dm138.jpg (37626 bytes)

Hurricane with Rolls Royce Merlin Motor.

dm140.jpg (35645 bytes)

The badge engineered Merlin XX by the Packard Motor company, 1942.

dm143.jpg (37626 bytes)

My favourite engine of the lot.. the Mercedes Benz DB601A. From 1941 its got the lotGear driven overhead camsWater/Glycol cooledVariable pressure Supercharger4 valves per cyclinderDirect fuel injectionDry sump

dm143.jpg (37626 bytes)

Close up of valves. Note intake & exhaust are nearly the same size.

dm144.jpg (37395 bytes)


dm145.jpg (35645 bytes)

This one ended up in the museum for the rather obvious reason that this big end has gone west at high speed…

dm146.jpg (36625 bytes)

… part of it has exited thru the (now welded) hole in the casing…


dm147.jpg (36625 bytes)

…while the little bits have rattled around inside causing all the visible chipping.


dm148.jpg (37626 bytes)

The DB 601 went on to power the most fearsome of the Luftwaffes recon & fighter aircraft in the enlarged 603 & 605 formats.

dm149.jpg (37395 bytes)

A cut away of the variable speed supercharger. By contrast the Merlin engine only had a two speed supercharger.

dm150.jpg (35645 bytes)

Between the gearing & the supercharger can be seen the variable drive mechanism.

dm151.jpg (36625 bytes)

The beautifully engineered gear train at the rear of the engine.


dm152.jpg (36625 bytes)

The hollow propshaft reduced weight & allowed the use of a fire thru cannon.

dm153.jpg (37626 bytes)

The spur gear off the propshaft for the shaft driven valve train.

dm154.jpg (37395 bytes)

The shaft drive system

dm155.jpg (35645 bytes)

The crown gear driving the cam.


dm156.jpg (36625 bytes)

A close up of the valves reveals one lobe per exhaust/inlet. The valves are linked by a yoke allowing the single lobe to actuate both valves.


dm158.jpg (37626 bytes)

An ME109 fitted with the DB601 engine.

dm160.jpg (35645 bytes)

Junkers Jumo 222 E, built 1944. A liquid cooled, 24 cylinder (6 rows of 4 cylinders), putting out 2500 hp. This was Germanys most powerfull WWII piston engine but was never but into serial production.


dm161.jpg (36625 bytes)

Junkers Jumo 222 E


dm163.jpg (37626 bytes)

Junkers Ja 294 ?

dm164.jpg (37395 bytes)

This looks like a Ja 388 which were normally fitted with BMW 801’s

dm159.jpg (37395 bytes)

A cut away of the 28 (yes 28!!) cylinder Pratt & Whitney Wasp Major R-4360, built 1947. It developed 3300 hp and was used in commercial airliners.


dm167.jpg (36625 bytes)


dm165.jpg (35645 bytes)