Donau Ring 2002

These pictures were taken at the Donau Ring classic race organised by Audi in their home town of Ingolstadt.
The event was run on the 4th & 5th of May 2002. The last Donau Ring was in 2000.

When I went to this event I lived in Germany, but if I were coming just for this then I’d get a hotel in Munich & go to Ingolstadt for the day. I’m sure its a nice town but like the Isle of Man, I don’t think there’s a great deal to do when the races aren’t on.

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dr2002-001.jpg (37626 bytes)

114 Gunther Lingelbach, 125cc Bultaco TSS, 1958

174 Manfred Schweiger, 600cc Silk-Scott, 1930

293 Manfred Schweiger, 600cc Scott TT, 1929

dr2002-003.jpg (35645 bytes)

114 I guess this is Herr Lingelbach !

dr2002-004.jpg (36625 bytes)

320 Dr. Gisbert Nierle, 500cc BMW R50, 1955

dr2002-005.jpg (36625 bytes)

Trumpet mouthed carb of the BMW R50.

dr2002-006.jpg (37626 bytes)

277 Christian Gobeli, 500cc, Rudge Ulster 1932

dr2002-007.jpg (37395 bytes)

Christian gets a little help from my friend Andrew Harris.

dr2002-008.jpg (35645 bytes)

The open valve gear on the Rudge Ulster.

dr2002-010.jpg (36625 bytes)

282 Albert Homberger, 500cc FN Grand Prix, 1929.

dr2002-107.jpg (37395 bytes)


dr2002-006.jpg (37626 bytes)

246 Christian Wallner, 350cc Harley-Davidson B, 1926.

dr2002-007.jpg (37395 bytes)

256 Christian von Ferrari, 250cc Motosacoche Supersport, 1926.

dr2002-008.jpg (35645 bytes)

254 Birgit Erb, 350cc UT-Blackburne, 1929.

dr2002-014.jpg (36625 bytes)

244 Walter Malzner, 350cc AJS big port, 1926.

dr2002-015.jpg (36625 bytes)

243 Lothar Köhler, 350cc AJS M6, 1929.

dr2002-006.jpg (37626 bytes)

108 Adolf Reich, 125cc Puch SVS, 1954.

dr2002-007.jpg (37395 bytes)

94 Markus Wurm, 175cc Ducati, 1957.

dr2002-008.jpg (35645 bytes)

209 Hans Maier, 350cc NSU dohc, 1937.

dr2002-019.jpg (36625 bytes)

258 Willi Jaberg, 350cc Motosacoche Works bike, 1930.

dr2002-020.jpg (36625 bytes)

115 must be a late entry as I can’t find him in the programme.

dr2002-021.jpg (37626 bytes)

245 Ranja Muralt, 250cc Ariel LF, 1929.

dr2002-022.jpg (37395 bytes)

115 again.

dr2002-023.jpg (35645 bytes)

Classes 4 (up to 1957, 125cc or under) & 7 (up to 1933, 350cc or under) collect in front of the start lane.

dr2002-024.jpg (36625 bytes)

247 Hans-Uwe Walter, 350cc Schüttoff RS 2-Gang, 1926.

dr2002-025.jpg (36625 bytes)

296 Steffen Walter, 500cc OD SS, 1929.

dr2002-026.jpg (37626 bytes)

279 Manfred Hirsiger, 600cc Scott Flying Squirrel, 1928.

dr2002-027.jpg (37395 bytes)

73 Karl-Heinz Denzler, 250cc NSU Sportmax, 1954.

dr2002-028.jpg (35645 bytes)

209 Hans Maier, 350cc NSU dohc, 1937.

dr2002-029.jpg (36625 bytes)

288 Dieter Noack, 600cc DKW SS, 1930.

dr2002-030.jpg (36625 bytes)

An RC45 from one of the spectators.

dr2002-031.jpg (37626 bytes)

Classes 4 & 7 in the start lane of the holding area.

dr2002-032.jpg (37395 bytes)

Sidecars in the start lane of the holding area.

dr2002-033.jpg (35645 bytes)

210 Werner Müller, 350cc Velocette KSS, 1930.

dr2002-034.jpg (36625 bytes)

216 Helmut Schmidtner, 350cc NSU OSL, 1937.

dr2002-035.jpg (36625 bytes)

83 Heike Meub, 175cc Ducati, 1956.

dr2002-036.jpg (37626 bytes)

Close up of Heike Meub’s 1956 175cc Ducati.

dr2002-037.jpg (37395 bytes)

Sidecars race along ‘Auf der Schanz’.

dr2002-038.jpg (35645 bytes)

1 Heinz Klingenschmidt, 250cc DKW SS, 1939.

dr2002-039.jpg (36625 bytes)

66 August Hobl, 350cc DKW RM, 1954.

dr2002-040.jpg (36625 bytes)

9 Udo Steinbüchel, 500cc Gilera Saturno, 1947.

dr2002-041.jpg (37626 bytes)

Peter Held & Markus Halter on NSU Sportmax replicas

dr2002-042.jpg (37395 bytes)

30 Reiner Hattig & Stefan Holzwarth, 500cc NSU SS sidecar outfit.

dr2002-043.jpg (35645 bytes)

288 Dieter Noack, 600cc DKW SS, 1930.

dr2002-044.jpg (36625 bytes)

4 Jürgen Knöll, NSU Rennmax Delphin, 1953.

dr2002-045.jpg (36625 bytes)

4 Jürgen Knöll, NSU Rennmax Delphin, 1953.

dr2002-046.jpg (37626 bytes)

288 Dieter Noack, 600cc DKW SS, 1930.

dr2002-047.jpg (37395 bytes)

4 Jürgen Knöll, NSU Rennmax Delphin, 1953.

dr2002-048.jpg (35645 bytes)

289 Daniel Rubin, 500cc NSU SS, 1931.

dr2002-049.jpg (36625 bytes)

11 Jürgen Herb, NSU Sportfox, 1950.

dr2002-050.jpg (36625 bytes)

9 Udo Steinbüchel, 500cc Gilera Saturno, 1947.

dr2002-051.jpg (37626 bytes)

36 Horst Scherer, 500cc Vincent Comet, 1951.

dr2002-052.jpg (37395 bytes)

36 Horst Scherer, 500cc Vincent Comet, 1951.

dr2002-053.jpg (35645 bytes)

35 Kurt Amrein, 500cc Triumph Grand Prix, 1948.

dr2002-054.jpg (36625 bytes)

19 Karl Frohnmayer, 500cc Norton Dominator, 1956.

dr2002-055.jpg (36625 bytes)

40 Peter James Turner, 500cc BSA Goldstar, 1957.

dr2002-056.jpg (37626 bytes)

25 Harald Hacker, 750cc Harley Davidson WR, 1949.

dr2002-057.jpg (37395 bytes)

1 Alfred Stöcker, 500cc BMW RS, 1955.

dr2002-058.jpg (35645 bytes)

41 Dr. Jörg Cavelius, 500cc Norton ES2, 1950.

dr2002-059.jpg (36625 bytes)

39 Jochen Siefert, 500cc Norton Manx, 1956.

dr2002-060.jpg (36625 bytes)

11 Helmut Singer, 500cc BSA Goldstar, 1954.

dr2002-061.jpg (37626 bytes)

64 Willi Heumos, 350cc AJS 7R, 1955.

dr2002-062.jpg (37395 bytes)

42 a small unknown 2 stroke (125cc Horex?)

dr2002-063.jpg (35645 bytes)

112 Robert Doll, 125cc MZ, 1958.

dr2002-064.jpg (36625 bytes)

16 Michael Schraudy, 500cc Horex Imperator, 1948.

dr2002-065.jpg (36625 bytes)

16 Michael Schraudy, 500cc Horex Imperator, 1948.

dr2002-066.jpg (37626 bytes)

16 Michael Schraudy, 500cc Horex Imperator, 1948.

dr2002-067.jpg (37395 bytes)

Horex Imperator engine closeup.

dr2002-068.jpg (35645 bytes)

The mobile race repair shop guy tigging a handle bar.

dr2002-069.jpg (36625 bytes)

A very well equiped mobile shop.

I asked them what they could do, the answer… ‘Everything’.

I believe them !

dr2002-070.jpg (36625 bytes)

The 1985 Audi Rallyquattro driven by Finnish rally ace Hannu Mikkola.

dr2002-071.jpg (37626 bytes)

The 1936 Auto Union Type C V16 is shoved towards me.

dr2002-072.jpg (37395 bytes)

It approaches…

dr2002-073.jpg (35645 bytes)

It passes…

dr2002-074.jpg (36625 bytes)

It stops !

dr2002-075.jpg (36625 bytes)

I can’t believe it, they’re going to start it right in front of me !

dr2002-076.jpg (37626 bytes)

Better switch the ignition on first.

dr2002-077.jpg (37395 bytes)

Even in neutral the race clutch will have some drag so best hang on!

dr2002-078.jpg (35645 bytes)

Blip the throttle…

dr2002-079.jpg (36625 bytes)

and turn over

dr2002-079a.jpg (36625 bytes)

the engine Meister is not happy

dr2002-080.jpg (36625 bytes)

get out the priming equipment

dr2002-081.jpg (37626 bytes)

Excuse me Sir, please stand back or be incinerated!

dr2002-082.jpg (37395 bytes)

Turn over…

dr2002-083.jpg (35645 bytes)

It lives !!!

dr2002-084.jpg (36625 bytes)

Tweak the throttle until warm

dr2002-085.jpg (36625 bytes)

No, no don’t do that !

dr2002-086.jpg (37626 bytes)

Blast them, they’ve put the lid on & spoiled my fun.

dr2002-087.jpg (37395 bytes)

A quick fiddle to get it on straight.

dr2002-088.jpg (35645 bytes)

Ah, there’s nothing like putting your hand in the exhaust stream to really feel the life in an engine.

And, of course, for getting your fingers burnt.

dr2002-089.jpg (36625 bytes)

The driver makes off, frightened that my drool may land on his polished vehicle.

dr2002-090.jpg (36625 bytes)

Thats the trouble with 1930’s race machinery, you need a mechanic
& a wee man with a starter to follow you around everywhere.

dr2002-091.jpg (37626 bytes)

The Audi R8 Le Mans driven by Perry McCarthy waits in the start lane.

dr2002-092.jpg (37395 bytes)

The engine Meister offers the driver some friendly last minute advice…

“Break my engine & I’ll see you boiled in oil.”

dr2002-093.jpg (35645 bytes)

A bit of trouble getting into gear

dr2002-094.jpg (36625 bytes)

and then he’s off..

dr2002-095.jpg (36625 bytes)

The R8 followed by the Quattro

dr2002-096.jpg (37626 bytes)

Once again the R8 & Quattro

dr2002-097.jpg (37395 bytes)

the Quattro coming…

dr2002-098.jpg (35645 bytes)

and going.

dr2002-099.jpg (36625 bytes)

The Type C coming

dr2002-100.jpg (36625 bytes)


dr2002-101.jpg (37626 bytes)

He’s fair getting his foot down for an old geezer
in a nearly 70 year old car in the wet.

Respect !

dr2002-102.jpg (37395 bytes)

Off he goes.

And that’s it for Donau Ring 2002 !